Get More Listings and Impress Your Sellers
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Your Sponsors Pay the Entire Cost
There is a vendor service directory on the back of the book. 
You partner with a few local vendor sponsors and they cover 
the entire cost of the licence and book printing!
NEW! The Book requires NO EDITING!!! Just change the cover and you're done!!! 
You can customize the interior pages (if you want to) but you don't have to!!
Gary Keller read Knolly's Seller Book and gave it two thumbs up!
"Knolly… Your message is so valid. I think it’s all about connection, mindfulness, gratitude and passing on what you have learned! Best wishes for continued success."
Gary Keller 
Chairman of Keller Williams Realty International
Plug Knolly's Tools into your business and save
300-400 hours of time-consuming research, writing, designing and editing. Knolly has DONE IT FOR YOU!
Your Complete Seller Guide and a copyright license to use in your listing business! 
This is Knolly's comprehensive 80 page seller guide - written to show sellers your unique approach to listing and getting their home SOLD. Impress sellers and become a local celebrity with your own book!
Impress Sellers. 
Present sellers with your own book and completely annihilate any competition. You can change the front cover, back cover and any of the interior pages. 

Make it your own!

Leverage Your Time. 
That's right! One thing about books is that they take TIME to 
research and write. 

This book took Knolly over 300 hours to research, 
write, edit and complete. 

Knolly has done the work for you! 

Your book helps guide sellers through the entire selling process. 

This saves countless hours of time because you aren't having to explain the process over and over again. 

Sellers learn about pricing, getting their home ready for sale, handling showings, how to understand the offer and much more. 

As the transaction moves along, you point them to the sections they need to read to stay informed! 

You Receive a Copyright Complete License.
You get permission to use Knolly's copyrighted content in your own business. 

Once you pay for the system, you can keep and use it... 
for the rest of your career.

Partner with a lender and local vendor sponsors 
and let them advertise on the back cover. 

Your local partners can sponsor the cost of purchasing 
the system and the book printing! 

Your printed books are only about $2.60 (or less) each to print! 
in as few as 50 copies OR deliver it as an e-book for free!
The above 10 minute video is PACKED with some of Knolly's BEST Seller Scripts and it answers your questions about the Listing Tool that agents are going nuts over - Your own Custom Seller Book. You just pop your cover on the book and you gain INSTANT CREDIBILITY… ALL AT NO COST TO YOU! 

In just 10 minutes you will learn some of Knolly's FAVORITE scripts for getting sellers to trust me with the sale of their most valuable asset - their home!

Did you realize that in today’s market you have to WIN THE LISTING before you ever meet with the seller.

That’s a Powerful realization. 

And the sooner you snap into this “new way”, the faster you will begin to create the life that you have always promised your family.

We live in an Amazon and Yelp age.

Before your clients eat at that new steakhouse, they visit Yelp.

Before they purchase that new office computer, the visit Amazon to check the price and read the reviews.

And before they hire you… they want to know all that they can about you.

The good news is, Knolly has been hired by more than 1000 sellers over the past 10 years, so he absolutely KNOW what they are looking for!!!

And… with your Success with Listings Toolkit, you will hand your prospects all the information they want on a silver platter… which makes hiring YOU an absolute NO-BRAINER!

Once they get your Seller Book, your Press Kit (Pre-Listing Package) and your Movie (Knolly's Virtual Listing Presentation) they will naturally feel like they have all the information they need to know to make the right choice to HIRE YOU to list their house.

Knolly's Editable Pre-Listing Package ($497 Value)

This is the pre-listing package that Knolly uses to educate sellers about why they should hire him to sell their house. Word formatted so you can edit and use each document in your listing business! This package saves you more than 100 hours of research and design and we've done it for you!


Knolly's Virtual Listing Presentation ($297 Value)
This is the prelisting video that Knolly uses to educate sellers on his unique approach to getting their home listed and SOLD. You get the video and the editable script that gets results - so you can easily create your own pre-listing video.


Job Descriptions for all Team Members ($397 Value)
Why reinvent the wheel? Knolly has put together a comprehensive list of editable job descriptions for 14 different team positions. These also double as a job offer and are formatted in MS Word.


Listing Manager Training Manual ($497 Value)
24 pages and completely editable. This is the same manual that Knolly uses to train his team Listing Managers and includes the forms Knolly uses in his listing business! There's no need to write your own in-house training manual or develop your own forms from scratch... Knolly has done it for you!

$3,685 VALUE | Now only $997 (or 3 payments of $397)
You really do get all the tools you need to succeed!
  •   Editable Version of Knolly's 80 Page Seller Guide "Consider it SOLD" ($1997 Value)
  •   FREE BONUS #1: Knolly's Virtual Listing Presentation and Editable Script ($497 Value)
  •   Editable Job Descriptions for 14 Team Members ($297 Value)
  •   Knolly's editable Pre-Listing Packet ($397 Value)
  •   Editable Listing Manager Training Manual ($497 Value)
  •  TOTAL VALUE: $3685
  •  Impress Your Sellers! 
  •  Save Time with Every Listing! 
  •  Become a Local Celebrity!
You can get this entire system AND get your books printed for FREE by partnering with sponsors! In fact, this system will not only cost you nothing, but you will actually make money every single year and it will cover the cost of printing your books! 

We have created a complete system for you to attract sponsors! We give you all the tools you need to get your book sponsored: step by step instructions, proven call script, email script, vendor enrollment form and back cover template.
You Get a Complete Vendor Directory System:
> Step by Step Instructions. We provide you with with a worksheet to list the vendors you are going to call, an editable call script, and an editable email script.
> Vendor Enrollment Form. We provide you with a form to send to your vendor sponsors. They simply fill it out and return it to you with their payment.
> Back Cover Template. We provide you with an easily editable cover template in Microsoft Word.
How is the editable book and bonuses delivered to me?
Everything is delivered to you digitally via email. Once your order is processed you will receive an email with a link to the complete download. All you have to do is click on the link in the email and you will be directed to a web page where you will be able to download 2 folders. One folder contains the entire editable book and the other folder contains all of the bonuses. Watch the video for more details.
What does the license cover?
The license comes with your purchase and gives you the right to reuse and recreate all of the materials in Knolly’s book and bonuses and make them your own.

United States Federal Copyright law prevents anyone from editing and reusing existing copyrighted material. The federal government has placed a penalty of up to $150,000 for copyright infringement

One way around this law is to obtain a license from the copyright owner for a license fee. Most licenses that are granted run in perpetuity, meaning that the license fee is paid to the copyright owner ongoing for as long as you use the copyrighted work. That means you could be paying the copyright owner for the next 30 years! Once you pay for Knolly’s system, you own it and can use everything for the rest of your career!

For more info on copyright law, see
Use the Seller Guide AS-IS - NO CHANGES NEEDED!
You can use the seller’s guide as-is with no editing or changes on your part! The included file is “print ready”, edited and already laid out in the book printer’s preferred format. Knolly has already edited the guide so that you do not have to make any changes to the pages if you do not wish to.
Want to Customize Your book? It's SUPER SIMPLE!
Although it is not necessary, you can choose to make any changes to the inside pages of your book that you want to.

Knolly recommends that you follow the following steps... It's as EASY AS 1-2-3!!!
1. Print out the entire PDF version of the book.
2. Go through the pages with a pencil and highlighter - marking out text and write in your changes.
3. Now go into Microsoft Word and make your edits! Works on PC or MAC!
Where can I get my books printed?
You can use any book printer to print your books. We will send you one that we recommend, who has been printing books for more than 40 years and has very competitive rates (less than $3 per book), however you can use any printer that specializes in printing books.
Would I be able to market my book as my own on social media? And if so, would I even be able to change the name of it?

YES! With your editable book and all the bonuses you can change the name, title, contents etc - call it what you want and it's yours :-). The only thing the license doesn't permit is you selling the book for profit - but you can make an ebook or printed version!!

You are basically creating a "derivative work" from Knolly’s originally copyrighted material, but the book should appear as coming from you.
How is the editable book and bonuses delivered to me?
Everything is delivered to you digitally via email. Once your order is processed you will receive an email with a link to the complete download. All you have to do is click on the link in the email and you will be directed to a web page where you be able to download 2 folders. One folder contains the entire editable book and the other folder contains all of the bonuses. Watch the video for more details.
Why is Knolly's License Available for Such a LOW Price?
If you've done the research, you know that hiring a ghostwriter to write your book can cost anywhere $12,000 to $90,000. Many ghostwriters will charge a minimum of $1 per word. At $1 per word, Knolly's Book would cost you $12,558 to write. Because this book does not require all of the steps necessary in a typical ghostwriting contract, Knolly is able to offer the licence to use his content at a fraction of the price it would cost you to hire another ghostwriter! You can use the content of the book (12,558 words) exactly as-is with NO changes! If you decide to get creative and add your own edits, you can rest assured that more than 90% of the work is already DONE FOR YOU! You save hundreds of hours of time!

Why is hiring a Ghostwriter so Expensive!?
Typically, Ghostwriting is an 8 Step Process. By snapping into Knolly's Book (already DONE FOR YOU), you will eliminate the first 7 steps. Because Knolly is a professional writer, and he is a master at listings, you can rest assured that you are receiving a book that is expertly written, and designed to generate MORE LISTINGS and gain you more trust from your seller clients. Plus you will save lots of time during the lifecycle of every listing you work, because your sellers will be educated on every step of the process.

While every ghostwriting project requires a unique approach, here’s what the process typically involves for a book:

1. Initial meeting (phone or video conference): The client and ghostwriter meet and see if they have the right chemistry for working together. During this conversation, the ghostwriter often asks several questions to get an overview of the project.

2. Proposal: The ghostwriter sends a project proposal. This should be customized to the specific book, rather than a generic “plug and play” template. Once the proposal is signed, the project is a go.

3. Book outline: The ghostwriter conducts one to three recorded interviews by phone or video conferencing, which are then transcribed. From those interviews, the ghostwriter puts together a two- to ten-page (or so) book outline, which the client then revises. Typically, they’ll work through a few drafts together until it’s just right.

4. Interviews (in person): Over three to five days, the ghostwriter interviews the client, again recording for transcription. This will sometimes result in more than 400 single-spaced pages of transcripts!

5. Expanded book outline: After the interviews, the ghostwriter creates an expanded book outline, anywhere from fifteen to fifty pages in length, depending on the complexity of the book. Again, there is some back and forth before arriving at the final working outline.

6. Book draft: The ghostwriter then gets to do what she does best—retreat into a writing cave, only to emerge when the book draft is complete and ready to share with the client. This drafting process can take anywhere from three months to a year.

7. Author revision: Here’s where the client gets to be as involved or uninvolved as s/he wants. Knolly encourages your to “make it your own” by rewording, adding stories, and clarifying ideas. Some clients make a hundred minor edits and others make NONE. It's all in WORD so it's super easy!

8. Editing and publishing: After the final draft is complete, the manuscript goes through editing and publishing. That’s a whole post in itself, so I’ll stop there.

By snapping into Knolly's Book (already DONE FOR YOU), you will eliminate the first 6 or 7 steps. 

Here are some articles on what it costs to hire a ghostwriter:
How do I get my own Custom Front cover?
As an additional bonus, we provide you with an easy-to-edit cover template in Microsoft Word. All you will have to do is change out the photo and title of your book. You will also want to edit any text on the back cover and add your sponsors. Once you are done you will simply save as a PDF to send to the printer.

It's super easy to do and takes just a few minutes.
Below are just a few of the hundreds of positive emails and testimonials we have received!
We invite you to join the many agents across the country who are blowing up their listing business by incorporating Knolly's Seller Book and Tools into your business!
"I've been a REALTOR for 28 years and Knolly's Seller Book is the EASIEST system I have ever implemented into my business!

The system only took me 3 Hours to implement and I was able to use my Seller Book at a presentation of over 40 sellers! It was a HUGE hit! This investment will make me a HUGE RETURN! If you are thinking about getting the system, stop thinking and GET IT"
Mary Lee, Broker
Seattle, WA
"Thanks Knolly! I'm so glad you came into my life! The Seller Book and Tools have been a phenomenal boost to my listing business!"
Randy Elgin | Broker Associate and Top Listing Agent
San Antonio, TX
"This year we did $650,000 in GCI and The Seller Book and Tools has been a fantastic tool in our listing business! In fact, our book just helped us take a $380,000 listing last week! We met the seller on a trip to Lake Tahoe. We found out that she wants to sell her Sacramento area home and we gave her a copy of our book. She just called to say she is listing with us even though her sister is a real estate agent! One of the primary reasons she says she decided to go with US vs her own sister is because we have a book!"
Kevin and Samantha Cooper | Associate Brokers and Top Listing Agents
Elk Grove, CA
"The response to the book has been phenomenal. In less than 3 weeks I have 10 advertisers to cover the cost and I now have the cost of 750 books covered by my advertisers. WOW. I’m looking forward to the mobile version of MoreSolds to be released later the quarter. I’m using the transaction manager and the other parts of the CRM. I have built my initial team and hired my first Admin who has agreed to get paid on a per-closing basis. Your Success With Listings has really helped me rocket ahead of the pack in the office. We are looking forward to a fantastic year!"
Tom Miller | REALTOR
Cape Coral, FL
"My company works with over a thousand real estate agents. I can honestly say that Knolly's Seller Book and Tools are the best I've seen! It's an ingenious way to GET MORE LISTINGS! I highly recommend it!"
Daniel Ramsey | Owner
Because of the book, and complete system, I was able to get my first listing! (Yes, my very first) I was 1 of 6 agents interviewed, but because of the listing system, the book and my approach, the owners chose to work with me!  Oh yeah! The best part: the house is listed for $539,000!!!

Knolly - You have done more than Ignite my business, you have allowed me to completely transform my business. I have redesigned my book cover, received a printing quote and reached out to vendors. 

I have also come up with a strategic marketing plan to become Famous using my vendors who are paying for the book, postcards, door hangers, etc. Before I met you I had no idea how I was going to get myself out to my farm and prospects due to funding. Now I am doing it and already making money from it. 
My new goal is 6 listings a month thanks to your system.
Richard Anderson
Anderson Premier Realty
Cambridge, MA
"Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar and for sharing your valuable information with our area. I am so glad I purchased your program! I have my Sponsors and will be ready to print my "Survival Guide to Selling Your Home" next week!! 

Wahoo!!! I also have the Listing presentation package printed up and ready to put in a folder or have binding done.Thank you for helping me to jump over the mud puddle that I wasn't sure I could get over!! Now I'm running!!  Blessings to you!" 
Rhonda Norris
Flowood/Jacksonville, MS
I bought the program and published my book last month!!! Thank you Knolly! I have already gotten 2 listings directly attributed to my book!

Arnold Bedak
Flowood/Jacksonville, MS
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